Conformal: Thin film sensor able to adhere to complex surfaces, that may be metallic, composite or hybrid materials

Non-invasive: May be attached temporarily or permanently to host structure without impact to operational performance

Passive: Requires no external connection or stimulus to collect and store information

Durable: Maintains its measurement integrity throughout normal operational environments

Remote Reading: Is a photonic effect, able to interrogated by many optical tools (including the human eye)

Permanency: Stress and cyclic history is retained in the sensor, providing key traceability and audit capabilities

Essentially, it allows all structures to become ‘SMART’

Utilizing such features, those adopting the CSG™ system should be able to :

  • Streamline their development processes via rapid verification of design objectives
  • Ensure that their manufacturing processes maintain conformance to design parameters
  • Accurately predict the safe fatigue life of their fielded devices
  • Monitor product mis-use and limit associated product liabilities


microscopePrognostica™ is a new and unique sensing methodology recently introduced to North America.
It is a revolutionary fatigue analysis system designed to predict the lifetime of parts and/or objects, composed of multi-natured materials, including but not limited to metals, resins, plastics, and composites.

Prognostica™ and its technologies strive to advance quality assurance of machine components and assemblies to reduce the production of poor quality products. We incorporate technology optimization involving fatigue testing and life time prediction analysis by means of non-destructive testing methods and approaches, therefore instilling a quality control environment.

Our know-how application ensures our customers with the most optimal results in:

This technology allows precise representation of the internal dynamics for each grain of the tested part and its structure, providing information sensitive to the crystallographic pattern of the investigated objects. These strain gauges analyze solids on a physical level and observe composites on a physical and mechanical level.

Our revolutionary approach integrates design requirements and process specifications with tooling and technology. Supported by a team of qualified professionals Prognostica™ is recognized by industry leaders for delivering solutions to our customers that improve product safety and performance.

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