aerospaceOur chameleon strain gauges can be applied to almost any stressed surface of fixed/rotary wing air vehicles, together with spacecraft and associated structures.

The complex interplay between materials section, design/safety margins, operational performance requirements, cost, and the excellence of how suppliers and users make these selections defines the winners and losers in this highly competitive industry. The Prognostica™ system provides users a new affordable, accurate insight that may greatly enhance the precision of these critical decisions.

We have implemented the Prognostica™ system during development projects with Messier Dowty, and Bombardier Aerospace with remarkable results.


automotiveWith automotive industries in the midst of expanding their horizons to have more reliable, longer lasting vehicles and parts. Prognostica™ is working right alongside in providing the fastest and most reliable material analysis to better improve automotive parts and assemblies.

We analyze all moving parts that under go any stresses, and supply the manufacturer with life expectancy and the reliability of the given parts or assemblies. This has obvious value during both the design and manufacturing processes, and may prove important in warranty/life-cycle management.


defenseThis sector shares a high commonality of interest with the Aerospace sector, however overlaid with the requirements of mission criticality and equipment availability in what can be very austere situations. The Prognostica™ system provides that unique ‘window’ able to look at critical components, ensure their integrity, in deployment environments that are far beyond the reach of conventional test and measurement techniques.

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